Confessions of a Feminist Thinker

Female smiling with an apron and standing in front of cooking equipment in a kitchen
Image Credits: Foodie Underground

Why do I feel the need
to explain that I can cook?
With all my talk of being a feminist,
and not being defined by gender roles,
why do I still need to justify myself
with explanation of my cooking ability?

Why do I get upset by the suggestion
that I cannot cook?
Whether or not this is true,
why do I care?

If someone said to me that I do not speak
GOOD English,
I know that this is clearly not true,
and I would not care.

BUT if someone said to me that I cannot cook,
and I know this is not true,
why am I hurt?
And even if it was true,
why should it bother me?

Why am I hurt by the assumption of most people
that I do not, or cannot, cook?
Why do I feel like less of a woman if people think –
just THINK
that I cannot cook?

Why am I sometimes hesitant

to refer to myself as a feminist?

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9 thoughts on “Confessions of a Feminist Thinker

  1. I think it is common across most women, probably because we are conditioned this way from childhood. A girl child would always have a kitchen set to play while the boy child will play with cars and guns. Girls would hold a play kitty party and cook food while boys would pretend to go to office. Why were we playing this as a child? Probably because society asks us to, or that is what we saw at home, dad going out for work an mom taking care of the house and cook.

    This needs to be changed from the childhood so that the child picks it from there…

    Very beautiful post!!


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