6 Things to Get You Through Lockdown

In my previous post, I talked about 3 Lessons I Learned from 14 Days of Self-Isolation in my room. Of course, we are still in lockdown, but I have moved from isolating alone in my room, to isolating with my family. Since then, I have found 6 things to help me get through the lockdown (when I am not doing my university work).

1. Blogging

Animated characters pointing to a blackboard containt the word blog and other related features
Image Credits: Become a Writer Today

I created this blog a couple of years ago but only started posting seriously a few days ago during the lockdown. I haven’t been able to stop since! From designing and thinking of content for your blog, to reading other blogposts and interacting with other bloggers, your mind is constantly being stimulated.

2. Online Courses

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Image Credits: Enovation

Online courses are a great way to expand your skill and knowledge base. I have enrolled in online courses in the past, but now that I have so much time to spare due to the lockdown, the possibilities are endless. And there are so many to choose from! Here are some of the online courses I’m taking at the moment:

  • Search Engine Optimisation Fundamentals: Provided by the University of California, this course focuses on search engine algorithms and how they affect search results and websites – useful for bloggers seeking to reach a larger audience.
  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing: Provided by Google, this course addresses how to establish your business online and grow it – useful if you work as a marketer, or simply seek to promote your own business or brand (or your blog!).
  • CS50 for Lawyers: Designed specifically for lawyers, this Harvard University course looks at computer programming and addresses the intersection between law and technology – useful if you’re looking to learn a new skill. (For a more general introduction to computer programming, see CS50: Introduction to Computer Science).

3. Netflix and YouTube Videos

Combination of Netflix and YouTube logos
Image Credits: Adobe Blog

This one is a no-brainer. Watching movies and videos online help to keep you entertained when you have nothing else to do at home during the lockdown. Here are a few of my favourite YouTube channels:

  • Em Etetim: A 24-year-old YouTuber based in Lagos, Nigeria, who provides funny and relatable content, from vlogs to reaction videos, that will appeal to young people.
  • Eve Cornwell: A London-based YouTuber who documents her legal journey, from university to law school to getting a training contract at a top law firm.
  • Dimma Umeh: A Nigerian YouTuber who provides beauty and lifestyle videos.
  • The Break Platform: Created by renowned YouTuber Patricia Bright, this channel offers tips about managing your finances and running a business.
  • NdaniTV: An online African television platform showcasing content ranging from series (e.g. Skinny Girl in Transit) to short, funny videos (e.g. The TGIF Show).

4. ‘Watching’ TV

High definition flat-screen TV with a vibrant blue background
Image Credits: Digital Trends

I know I already talked about watching movies and videos online during the lockdown, but this is different. I put ‘watching’ in quotation marks because most of the time, I’m not actually watching TV when I turn it on – I just use it as background noise while doing something else (surely I can’t be the only one who does this!). I find that anytime I try to use Netflix or YouTube as background noise, it doesn’t work because I’m too focused on it. But if I just turn on the TV and play whatever is on the decoder, it works well.

5. Cooking (and eating!)

Roasted plantain with pepper sauce and grilled fish
Image Credits: Sisi Jemimah

In the evenings, I occasionally like to treat myself to an elaborate meal, one that I wouldn’t usually make. I find that I enjoy the entire process of preparing the meal and eating it, now that I have a lot of time to spare thanks to the lockdown. I have recently gotten obsessed with plantain recipes!

6. Exercising

Female demonstrating different exercise moves
Image Credits: Physical Therapy Blog

Following on from my previous point, it is important to complement eating with exercise during the lockdown, especially because you no longer take those walks to the train station, or to the pub, or to a friend’s house. To stay fit and healthy, you can go for a walk or a run within your neighbourhood (if lockdown rules in your country permit), use a treadmill (if you have one at home), or just follow a home workout routine. I usually do a bit of everything.

What has been helping you get through the lockdown? Let me know in the comment section!


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  1. Genuinely amazed at the wealth of knowledge in cyberspace! I’ve been trying number 2 and love what I’m learning so far. I’m studying Graphic Design with Coursera, but now want to check out the Digital marketing course you’ve shared. Thanks for that!!

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