Music: Your Love (On the Low Cover) by Rukky

Cover of a song, Your Love, On the Low cover, by Rukky. Produced by Uviboy under HIS Records

When I stumbled upon Tolani’s cover of “On the Low” on Instagram, I honestly felt like she made my morning. The song was basically on repeat throughout the day and, to exaggerate a bit, she hit some notes that touched my soul! For this reason, I thought it would be perfect to make a gospel version of the song.

“Your Love” was produced by Uviboy, under H.I.S Records. It is my take on Tolani’s “On the Low”, which is itself a cover of the original by Burna Boy.

You can listen to the song below or on YouTube.

Listen to this song on Audiomack


Can I talk to you, oh my father?
E get things wey I no fit answer (There are things that I cannot answer)
If I call, I know say you’ll answer (If I call, I know that you’ll answer)
Never fall my hand, never (Never let me down, never)
Say na me you go love forever (Said it’s me you will love forever)
Ask me why, I no go fit answer (Ask me why, I cannot answer)
Come fill my heart
Fill my heart with your love from the start

Need your love
Cause you know
When I’m low
Need your love

This kind feeling do me like a type of disease
Can’t find healing, nothing fit to put me at ease (nothing can put me at ease)
Do me like you know how, give me all your love please
Can you come and heal me? You know what I need

Need your love
Cause you know
When I’m low
Need your love

(Do me like you know how
Fill my heart from the start)

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