How to Keep Yourself Entertained at Home

I was going through my previous blogposts recently while thinking of new content ideas. I came across these posts: 6 Things to Get You Through Lockdown, Saving and Investing on a Budget: 4 Tips, and Summer Internship Cancelled? Try These Alternatives. Then I realised that it’s been a while since I wrote a listicle on this blog. So I thought I would do one on keeping yourself entertained at home, given the current situation with COVID-19, remote working, social distancing and the like.

1. Listen to uplifting music.

I’m not just talking about casually listening to music while you lay on your bed. I mean watching music videos, dancing, and singing along like you’re actually at a party. Afrobeats are my main plug when it comes to this! I’m the kind of person who randomly watches music videos at 1am and has a party by herself in the living room (if you’re on my contact list on WhatsApp, you’ll know what I mean). #Sorry not sorry!

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2. Call a friend.

Speaking to a friend via audio or video call can really help to lift your mood. You probably know which friends to call when you want to feel hyped. This is even more important now that we don’t have as many social gatherings as before. I talk to my friends for hours and we always have to force ourselves to hang up because the gist never ends! You can even play music in the background and have a virtual party with friends. Why not?!

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3. Watch YouTube videos.

You won’t catch me admitting this in person, but sometimes I live vicariously through YouTubers when I’m bored. Watching daily or weekly vlogs of people out and about pre-COVID makes me feel like I’m actually out and about with them now (what could be sadder than this? Lol!). I especially love watching vlogs by Nigerians because I really feel like I can relate to them. If you want to know some of my favourite YouTubers, see number 3 on this article.

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4. Watch a movie.

I have to admit that I haven’t really watched a lot of movies lately, just because I find it hard to maintain concentration for the entire duration of a movie. I’ll probably be using my phone or laptop in the background which will make me lose focus. In any case, whenever I find a movie on Netflix that’s interesting enough for me to pay complete attention, it’s always a treat. I turn on the TV and AC, get my pillow and blanket, grab my snack bag, turn off the lights, and voila – I have a home cinema!

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Have you used any of these options to keep yourself entertained at home? Do you have any additional suggestions? Let me know in the comment section!

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