Reflections on 2020: We Made It!

Reflections on 2020 - we made it!

I think almost everyone will agree that 2020 has hit us gbas gbos ā€“ from the coronavirus pandemic and the economic hardship it brought, to the tragic killing of George Floyd and others like him in the USA; from cases of sexual and gender-based violence in Nigeria, to the explosion in Beirut; from the mass looting, arson, and killings during the #EndSARS protests in Nigeria, to the brutal shooting at the Lekki Toll Gate.

But you know what? We made it ā€“ in spite of everything!

I’m thankful for life, family, friends, relationships, and health. 2020 might have been my most challenging year, but it was also my best year yet! In 2020, I graduated from UCL, started my first full-time job, rediscovered my passion for blogging, improved my skills through online courses, started a YouTube channel, became more serious with my music, and am working on starting a writing website.

I think the lesson I have learned from this year is that there is an opportunity in every problem. I would not have been able to achieve most of the things I did, if not for the unique opportunities that 2020 provided me with (the most obvious one being the extra free time during the lockdown).

I’ve come out of 2020 better and stronger, and I hope you have too. As we are about to enter into a new year, I challenge you to think about this:

What do you want from life?

If you have problems coming up with an answer to this question, think about what a perfect day will look like for you. Where will you wake up? What will you do? Where will you go? Who will you be with?

Some of these questions were posed in Arese Ugwu’s The Smart Money Woman, and I think it is absolutely critical for everyone to think about them.

This quote from Ugwu pretty much encapsulates the point I am trying to make:

The most successful people are the ones who are able to articulate what they want for their lives. Success is deeply rooted in having a solid plan that is tailored to what you want.

If you know what you want from life, you can plan better and make more guided actions. Sure, an unprecedented event might occur that will drastically affect your plans (case in point: COVID-19). But if you have a plan, then you are generally more likely to make better decisions, even if you have to improvise sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances.

So I congratulate you for making it to the end of 2020, I urge you to start thinking about and planning for what you want from life, and I look forward to seeing you in 2021!

Here’s to greater achievements in the coming years šŸ„‚

KIKI key milestones. 100 subscribers achieved. 500 subscribers and 1,000 subscribers yet to be achieved.

We’re also counting down to 300 subscribers on the blog, which I am super excited about! The next goal is 500 subscribers, and then eventually 1,000 subscribers. Thanks to all my subscribers for sticking with me!

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9 thoughts on “Reflections on 2020: We Made It!

  1. From all you achieved, that was a really good year for you. It’s all in perspective. We can still prosper in adversity, take advantage of what We can and work with what we have. Congratulations on your graduation and the many other achievements. Also wishing you the best on your goals, may you have an even more prosperous year.

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  2. Great post Kiki! Yes 2020 was definitely a rough year. I ended up doing a lot of self reflection with my extra time though, and am pleased to say I have a much better idea of the direction I want to take with my life from here on out.

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  3. I love this post! I agree that 2020 gave unique opportunities for all of us and it’s the reason why we still feel so much gratitude in the end. Thanks for sharing this, Kiki! šŸ˜Š

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