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Looking for a freelance writer, editor, or graphic designer? I’m your girl! Hit me up at rukky.glory@gmail.com.

I can help you:

  • write content including (but not limited to) articles and blog posts
  • transcribe audio to text
  • edit documents
  • design a digital banner for your brand or small business
  • design a digital flyer for your event
  • design supporting graphics for your social media post
  • design a personal poster (like the one above)

– all for a modest fee!


  • LLB Law from University College London (UCL)
  • Certificate in Graphic Design from California Institute of the Arts – obtained June 2020


In addition to writing essays and articles throughout my legal education, I have held a variety of positions that have boosted my research, writing and communication skills, including:

  • Programme Associate, The Electoral Hub
  • Editor, JUST: Access Ltd
  • Casework Assistant, UCL Legal Advice Clinic
  • Legal Intern, Festus Keyamo Chambers
  • Legal Aide, Release Legal Emergency & Drugs Service Ltd
  • Summer Intern, MacArthur Foundation
  • Initial Assessor, Brent Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Student Member, JUSTICE (student case note scheme)
  • Consultant, Emerald International Development Services

To view more, see my LinkedIn profile (feel free to send me a connection request as well!).

For a sample of my work, see below or explore my blog (all posts and pictures on my blog were created by me, unless image credits are given).

Graphic Design

Did you know that supporting graphics can help your readers understand and engage with your posts more? The same thing goes for your brand or small business – if your presentation is not right, customers will not be attracted to you!

Hit me up at rukky.glory@gmail.com to design captivating visuals for you.


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Did you know that writing for a particular audience is a skill? The content you create for a regular young person on social media is vastly different from the kind of content you should create for a skilled professional reading a journal.

I have developed the skill of tailoring material to a particular audience by writing a variety of text, including case notes, essays, journal articles, letters, attendance notes, appeal submissions, blog posts, devotionals, and manuals.

Hit me up at rukky.glory@gmail.com to write content that is concise and relevant to your audience.


Humans are so prone to typographical and grammatical errors that even the most skilled writers make them occasionally. And it’s not just about incorrect spelling – it’s also about using the wrong word. Have you ever written it’s instead of its? Or bases instead of basis? Sometimes, even when we know the right word to use, we make these mistakes subconsciously. When your work is full of errors, you not only appear unprofessional, but also make it difficult for readers to understand what you mean.

How about British versus American English? Do you switch between favour and favor? Utilise and utilize? Cheque and check? When different types of English are used within the same document, it gives readers a feeling of inconsistency.

Now, let’s talk about formatting. Have you ever read a document that starts with a list: number 1, number 2… and then trails off to bullet points? Or one that makes it difficult to differentiate between headings and sub-headings? It’s really confusing.

All of these show that presentation matters just as much as content, if you want to communicate a message effectively.

Having worked as a transcriber and editor for JUST: Access Ltd, I have increased my level of attention to detail in terms of both writing for myself and editing documents for others. My competence in editing was acknowledged by the organisation when I was offered a contract as a freelancer at the end of my volunteering period.

Hit me up at rukky.glory@gmail.com to edit content for you and ensure that they are error-free and consistent in terms of formatting and the type of English used.

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