100+ Subscribers and Social Media Launch

Congratulations on getting 100 total follows on KIKI. Your current tally is 101.

Have you noticed something about my blog? I hit 100+ subscribers today!

Let me start by saying thank you. When I started blogging again on the 24th of April, I wasn’t really intentional about it. It was just a way to kill the lockdown-induced boredom.

But when I saw the positive reaction I received, I decided to get more serious about my blog (special shoutout to my parents, who are my ultimate hypepeople*). And within just about two months, I have gained over 100 subscribers!

So thank you for subscribing, reading my posts, liking, commenting, and sharing. You all give me motivation to keep going.

In celebration of this milestone, I wanted to launch on all social media platforms, but given that I just recently created social media accounts for my music (@musicbyrukky), I thought it would be too much to handle everything.

So I have decided to use just Instagram for now. You can follow me here: @kikibyrukky. I will try to diversify my content so that my Instagram account is not just a replica of my blog.

Update: I have now created social media accounts for my blog on Facebook and Twitter! The username is the same (@kikibyrukky).

Thank you for 100 subscribers and social media launch written next for a display of chocolates

What’s more, there might be a new feature launching on my YouTube channel soon!! I’m so excited about this, I can’t even tell you how much. I have so many ideas and I just can’t wait to unleash them.


Be sure to subscribe to this blog and follow me on social media to be notified of the latest developments.

Once again, thank you all for your support!

*What really is the gender-neutral form of the word, ‘hypeman’?

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