How to Start Coding in Three Easy Steps

Promise Chime is my plug for all things tech-related, and I have been speaking to him about writing a guest post on my blog for a while. Well, he finally did it! In this post, Promise not only simplifies the concepts of coding and programming, but also provides useful tools and resources including websites, Facebook groups, YouTube channels, and free online courses that can help you learn how to code. Even though I am not a programmer (yet), I must say that I have learnt a thing or two from this post. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Fun fact: Promise has been the one playing the keyboard during all my live covers.

How to Start Coding in Three Easy Steps

by Promise Chime

Young and intending programmers usually get confused on where to start in learning how to code. In this blog post, I provide three easy steps to guide you.

But first, we need to explain the difference between coding and programming. Programming is the process of developing a fully functional software that follows certain standards such as algorithms, data structure, math models, and other etiquettes of writing code. Coding is a subset of programming that deals only with the process of writing codes for websites, apps, and basically anything electronic. Coding simply requires the use of text editors like VS code, atom, sublime text, and even WordPad/NotePad, while programming requires document review and analysis in addition to coding.

Now that we have clarified these concepts, let’s get into the steps to learn coding.

1. Learn a programming language. Programming languages interact with your machine: your code sends a message to your machine and your machine gives the output. The easiest programming language to learn is Python. You can learn Python easily with this course from the University of Michigan: Python for Everybody. Alternatively, you can also learn Java although it is a bit more complex than Python.

2. Venture into markup languages. Markup languages interact with your browser: your code sends a message to your browser and your browser gives feedback. HTML/CSS is a good markup language to start with, and then you can proceed into other markup languages such as Javascript.* Javascript frameworks such as vue.js and react.js will make your work much easier. You can join the Javascript Community on Facebook for Javascript tutorials.

3. Learn backend development. The backend of your website is the foundation for your entire website. It covers hosting, networks, servers, databases, and so on. You can use Python, Java, PHP, SQL, and .net to interact with the backend of your web. Check out Traversy Media on YouTube for tutorials on backend development.

With these three steps, you will be well on your way to becoming a skilled programmer. Once you learn the basics and start coding, you can get help from and if you get ever get stuck on a coding problem.

The following resources would also be helpful:

For a free coupon to get certified for completing a coding course on Coursera, contact me via email.

*Although I refer to Javascript as a markup language in this post, it has proven to be more than just a markup language because it can also be used for backend programming for web development (feel free to prove me wrong on this).

About Promise Chime

Promise Chime is a computer scientist skilled in programming and markup languages such as HTML/CSS, PHP, Python, Java, and Javascript. He is also experienced in computer networking, graphic design, and video editing. His interests lie in artificial intelligence, automation, and technology in politics.

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