FYCI: Promoting Youth Agency Through the Creative Arts

FYCI ...promoting youth creativity through the creative arts

I am super excited to introduce a start-up organisation called Frontline Youth Creativity Initiative (FYCI). After going through setbacks including registering a business name, getting a suitable domain name, and fighting robots on social media, we are now fully launched and ready to go!

FYCI is a youth-led and youth-focused organisation working to empower young people to challenge the status quo and promote positive social change through the creative arts. With youth constituting the vast majority of Nigeria’s population, it is evident that we cannot achieve sustainable progress and development without action from the youth.

The #EndSARS movement which occured in October last year is still very fresh in our minds. Prior to this, Nigerian youth have also organised movements such as Occupy Naija. With all the talk about apathetic and ‘lazy‘ Nigerian youth, these movements show that young people have great potential that needs to be harnessed. don’t

In recognition of this potential, we are focusing on four main areas: youth political participation, gender rights, youth agency and self-esteem, and anti-corruption. We have carefully selected these themes as highly influential forces of change in the country.

Against the background of poverty, unemployment, and insecurity in Nigeria (to name a few), who else is better placed to drive change than the youth? This is where FYCI comes in, empowering young people to use the creative arts in unique ways to drive this change that we seek.

For more information and to get involved in this process, visit us on fyci.org or follow us on your favourite social media platforms (@fycinitiative)!

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