Music: Blackmail (Live Cover) by Rukky Otive

“Blackmail” is a beautiful song by Brymo that speaks of a toxic give-and-take relationship. Brymo is one of my favourite artists, and I’m super glad I got perform this live cover. You can watch the video below or on YouTube (scroll down to view the lyrics). Credits go to Promise Chime (on the keyboard), Favour (on the drums), Victor Paul (on the lead guitar), and Victor (on the bass guitar).


This, that and the other
And love is the disorder
And there’s something of which I’m certain
That you my lover have the stone cold syndrome

Maybe you feel like someday I’ll be you
Or you’re only tryna prove
That I’ll choose you over them
You want to know everyday over and again
For you this is love
This is how you sustain

This is blackmail, blackmail
He takes and he takes
You give and you break
Ohh, oh blackmail

You count and blush and we stutter
You rocked my world like no other
And love is the captivity that lovers chose
Seeing how you still love this fool like you do

Most times it feels like your love is all for you
And I’ll forever be yours but you’re never truly mine
You want my love everyday over and again
But I want something in return
All your love to sustain me

Blackmail, this is blackmail
She takes and she takes
I give and I break
Ohh, oh blackmail

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