POETRY: The Imposter

The imposter

The imposter has made her arrival
To her credit, she has many impressive records
Top of her class; bagged many awards
The expectations from her are colossal

But the imposter has a syndrome
That tells her she’s a fraud
Undeserving of her achievements
Incapable of living up to expectations

The imposter has just been called upon
A presentation she was asked to deliver
At the back of her throat, a huge knot forms
Her soft, light brown lips start to quiver

The imposter’s presentation is met with a standing ovation
Applause! Cheers! Accolades!
She feels the high of an adrenaline rush
But the sounds of the cheering voices are soon hushed

You mispronounced that word!
You got your facts wrong!
You could have done much better!
They were cheering in mockery of you!

Feelings of self-doubt and self-denial
Wrap her like a cozy blanket on a cold harmattan night
The imposter retreats into her shell
Incapable of taking pride in everything she has done so well

I watch the imposter with immense fascination
I have with me a card I was sent to deliver
Waiting to strike, I take my gaze away from the imposter
And stare at the message inscribed on the card in my hand:

You are worthy
You are loved
You are enough

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