Dark background with the word Mediocre written on it

1. In your pursuit for excellence, you end up feeling mediocre
You are your own biggest critic
None of your ideas, or designs, or songs, or poems
Will ever be good enough for you

Every person is a potential competition
So you have to strive for perfection
With countless comparisons, unending modifications
You have not even one finished project yet

And you feel threatened by every success story you hear
They make you depressed, and maybe a little envious
So when you see people around living their dreams
You point out their flaws to make yourself feel better.

2. But when I look at all the skills you have to offer
I cannot help but wonder
How can someone so gifted and talented
Who others should look to for guidance and inspiration
Think so little of themselves on the inside?

Oh, my darling, you are such a star
If only you knew how worthy you are
The sky is wide enough for every bird to fly
Embrace your potential, unleash your ideas
Let’s show the world who you really are!

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