Le Mot Juste

Word cloud showing a selection of words related to vocabulary and learning.

The search quest for the perfect word
can hinder limit the greatest of writers.
Because who is more critical conscious of words,
than an artistic a creative writer herself?

Countless Unending drafts and revisions –
until you get tired sick of your own work;
Countless rumpled notes and abandoned closed documents –
all left alone to die rot.

And why, you might ask enquire?
Because of the concept Le Mot Juste.
The Right Perfect Word.
To achieve the highest quality standard possible.

But what if we just went with our instincts?
Wrote the first things that came to mind and never changed them?
What if the concept of cancelling was non-existent?
How terrible would our work really be?

With over a million words in the English Language,
what if The Perfect Word simply doesn’t exist?

Image Credits: American Institute for Learning and Human Development

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