The blank screen.

A laptop showing a blank screen

I stare at the blank screen in front of me.
I want to write – I really do.
But when it comes to inspiration,
there is simply nothing.

In the hopes that I can find something to work with,
I look over my past drafts,
reading and glancing over the pages on the screen,
as I wait for inspiration to strike.

Still nothing.

Maybe I’ll try again on Tuesday;
Tuesday comes and leaves…okay Wednesday;
Wednesday flies by…Thursday, for sure!
A whole week passes –

Still nothing.

This blank screen haunts me.
I want to fill it with words;
Express myself, start a conversation, share my emotions – anything!
But when I try to find the right words, there is

Still nothing.

Until one day when I least expect it,
I feel a lightbulb shining over my head.
I’ve got it – this is the just the topic for me!
I open this blank screen to write,
and the words flow through me like the warm springs at Ikogosi.

Locked up in my room;
no phones, no distractions;
my hands moving like the parts of an assembly machine
in what must be my longest writing streak.
I simply cannot stop writing until it is finished.

As I read through the final draft,
I cannot hide the smirk on my face.
I feel relieved and accomplished, knowing that
I have finally overcome writer’s block.

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