Music: Speak to Me by Rukky

Cover of a song, Speak to Me by Rukky, which have a female with curly hair looking at speakers

Music is a major part of my life. It enables me to express and connect with emotions ranging from joy and excitement to sadness and nostalgia.

For this reason, I have decided to create a new music category in my blog. To start off, I will be sharing my debut single: Speak to Me.

Majority of my songwriting happens when I am inspired by an experience. The concept of “Speak to Me” was inspired by two worship sessions I attended at university. The song has a simple message: seeking strength and reassurance from God’s Word.

As humans, sometimes we get weak and anxious because we don’t have all the answers. At times like this, we have very few (if any) words to say, and this is reflected in the simplicity of the song lyrics. When we feel like this, all we need is for God to speak to us.

You can listen to the song below or Audiomack.


I need your Word in my heart
I need your Word in my soul
And though my heart is broken
You know my ears are open

I need your touch in my life
I’m ‘bout to lose control
Tell me, what will I do?
I’m ready to run to You

You know my heart is ready
Speak to me (speak, speak)
And so I won’t be weary
Speak to me (speak, speak)

Speak to me (x4)

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