Music: Robbery by Uviboy ft IamEd and others

Cover of a song, Robbery by Uviboy featuring IamEd, Speech, Lloyd, Princy Man, SeekNature, Jossy Dee, Sike, Jaycee, and K Clark

Hi there!

It’s been a while since I made a music post. Today, I will be sharing a song, “Robbery”.

“Robbery” is a cypher created by my brother, Uviboy, and almost ten other people. I absolutely love the concept of this song! It is about ‘stealing’ souls from the devil and bringing them to the kingdom of God.

With its hip hop and rap genre, “Robbery” is a new-generation song that is sure to appeal to the youth. This is what I love about gospel music – it is so versatile! You can adapt it to any genre, as long as the message of the gospel is passed across.

You can listen to the song below or on Audiomack.

Here are the song lyrics (scroll to the end to watch the lyric video instead):

‘Cause we’re here to take your souls

There are few things that can take your soul
One of them is time wasting
But I’m in control
That’s why they hating
Really that’s fascinating
The cash you’re making
How you dealing with procrastinating?
Why you lots got nothing to do but sit and talk about Ed?
Talk about how I dress
Talk about how I flex
I’m starting to think
Y’all need something to drink
To solve that spark in your brain
You starting to go insane
You don’t even know my name
That’s a…

‘Cause we’re here to take your souls

We coming for your souls with the whole crew
You know how we do
We about to save you, embrace you
Never enslave you, so don’t get it twisted
We don’t hate you, we just wanna save you
Get down! Get down! It’s a ROBBERY!
Take a look, all eyes on me
Better honour me, I ain’t no wannabe
Boy I’m coming through with the holy artillery

Most people wan buy your soul
Me I wan thief am (I want to steal it)
‘Cause na only God wey go quantify (Only God will quantify)
Who wan defy?
You don’t want smoke, why you on the fire?
Based on rivalry, them wan rob a G (they want to rob a G)
No know say I got baba G (They don’t know that I’ve got baba G)
Right beside me, so if anyone is getting robbed tonight,
Then it’s gotta be…

You! You! You! Not me
Who knew who I’d be?
When I thief in the night, that na night vigil (When I steal in the night, that’s a night vigil)
If he has given you life, he’s got a right to kill
Let me live and leave the rest to me
Enemies are living next to me
Best believe the best believe in blessings
Let’s be real, is this your possession?

Just come vibe with me
Let me take you on a lane with me
Fly high to the sky like a plane with me
Stay down boy, what you trying to play with me?
See the fact is, I’m enacted
I’m about to take all your souls, I’m kidnapping
We about to step in the club and get clapping
I’m about to take in your souls to give God thanks

I believe you have come to stay
I believe you alone will reign
I believe you can make me famous
I believe in what the Scripture says
I believe in what you created, I’mma praise your name
You’re the reason why I’m living today
For these reasons, I praise your name without ceasing
You know my stress, it’s me you bless
I must confess, there’s no one else after you
I’m believing that you have died and risen
When I’m grieving, Lord you alone conceive me
Now I’m breathing, with all my sins forgiven
I thank you every day, and there is no retrieving
It’s Lloyd Makky baby!

‘Cause we’re here to take your souls

Enough authority, enough integrity
I’m checking the people, I’m giving them hope
I am bringing them out of poverty, out of poverty
You should be waking up from your sleep
And turning your dreams to reality
I see a better world, better world
One them be no more discrimination (One without discrimination)
Do the right thing and there be no more incrimination
Fresh boy, them know I come from a cream nation
Never to mention the things I’ve been through

Mask on, it’s a ROBBERY!
I’m strapped, ain’t nobody stopping me
It’s a stick up, what you got for me?
So where’s the money G?
Ain’t got cash, take your jewellery
Robbery ain’t new to me
But that ain’t true you see, don’t need the cash or the jewellery
I got cash, I’ll buy your jeweller G
Now that’s true you see
Brag a little mehn, that’s part of me
Man’s cashing out like a lottery
So mehn pardon me
This rap thing is a part of me
It’s in my blood, in my veins, in my arteries
So many styles, you’ll be thinking there’s ten of me
Times ten I keep it a hundred G
But I’m here for your soul boy
Gotta let God control boy
I say it again, I’m here for your soul
Let God take control
It’s a…

‘Cause we’re here to take your souls

It’s a robbery and I’m so brazen
You can bank on me, souls I be saving
Road to redemption is what I’m paving
Who knew stealing souls for the Lord would be so amazing?
Let me see them hands, yeah raise ’em
Don’t want your money mehn, just want you to praise him
Step into the club, everything looking odd
Like oh my God, what is happening to this world?
So I hit them with the Word
Started overflowing so I hit them with the flood
Remind them the reason Jesus shed his blood
That’s why Sike is here to rob
A lot of people are just forgeries
We coming for your souls, not your property
I’m a prodigy, heaven ain’t no lottery
Stealing souls from the devil, that’s a ROBBERY!

It’s a ROBBERY! Anyhow e be (Anyhow it is)
I’m getting married to the game, ain’t no aso ebi (wedding attire)
And I don’t need guns for my robbery
‘Cause Jehovah got me and he died for me
God’s son on code, I got the keys to the safe
When I step in devil’s bank, ain’t nobody safe
About to take your soul to a place that’s safe
If you don’t wanna come, I go start my craze

Jehovah put his trust in me
It’s why the devil is so scared of me
He can’t handle me
I’m the angel on earth, just refer to me
He gon’ give you back your destiny
In the back of my mind, I know I’m upfront
Catching cruise with the devil, you know I gats stunt (I’ve got to stunt)
Feeling alright, I’m high on God’s Word
So if the demons come close, I swear they get burnt

‘Cause we’re here to take your souls

I’mma take your soul to the King of kings
And Lord of lords, thy kingdom comes
And here’s the mob we called the squad
Yeah, we move the souls and that’s the goal
Till the end of worlds, we come with bows
To end your shows
Forget the dough, forget the dope
And I got the souls

Whoa, it’s J to the O
It’s a ROBBERY! Keep taking these souls
Look at my clothes, bro
All by his grace, keep checking this space
I’m running my race
See the sweat on my face
I’m making them crase (crazy)
So my men are not waste
And we kill this beat, mehn it’s an open case
ROBBERY! No stopping me
It’s a robbery, it’s a comradery
It’s a robbery! It’s a ROBBERY!!

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