#ProblemsTheEP: I Can’t Breathe

Problems by Uviboy and Rukky

“I Can’t Breathe” is track 2 on #ProblemsTheEP by me and Uviboy. This song was inspired by the tragic killing of George Floyd in May. It was a very troubling time for many people, and it reawakened the Black Lives Matter movement. Personally, I struggled to express my emotions on the issue. I even thought about making a blog post on racism, but I could not find the words.

A couple of weeks after the incident, I recorded this song with Uviboy and Fahy. I really think that this song enabled us to share some of the emotions we had been trying to express with everything that was going on. That part that says “Get off my neck, you gon’ kill me. You see?” still makes me shudder.

Even though it’s been over six months since the George Floyd incident occured, the wider movement must not be forgotten. So I hope that in addition to listening to the song, you take a step further by supporting the BLM movement. Visit blacklivesmatters.carrd.co to find out how you can help, or just to learn more about BLM and supporting movements.

Problems the EP tracklist

You can listen to “I Can’t Breathe” below or on Audiomack.

Go to fanlink.to/ProblemsTheEP to listen on other music platforms. Scroll down to view lyrics.


Battling with this one, you gat to get this one
Everybody looking for a way, you gat to please one
You know that we’ve been leaving now, we gat to bless up
Everybody saying something now, you ain’t good listeners
You gat to treat us better ’cause we ain’t your prisoners
Pointing fingers at us like we are the sinners
Why you gotta hate? (2x)
Why you gottta hate the skin that you didn’t create?

Where did we go wrong?
How did we get here?
It’s been on for so long
I’m starting to get scared

‘Cause I can’t breathe (4x)

Say no to racism, stop all the schism
No justice, no peace; we ain’t here to say please
We demand equal rights, no matter how long the fight
Get off my neck, you gon’ kill me. You see?
The same system meant to protect and serve me
Turns right back around and it comes to bite me
And I don’t understand why
Killing my people, I don’t understand (no, no)
What can I do to make you understand? (no, no)
It’s time to rise up, come let’s take a stand
You and me both, I know we can

Where did we go wrong?
How did we get here?
It’s been on for so long
I’m starting to get scared

‘Cause I can’t breathe (4x)

I can’t breathe, too much pressure on my neck
I scream please, but all I get is neglect
The 5-0 just facilitated my death
I guess when you black, that’s what you get
That’s why the world protests with no regrets
We don dey vex mehn (we’re angry), the mind is stressed
Even with corona sef, we no dey fear (we’re not afraid)
‘Cause if we sit down and do nothing, this evil will never end
Mehn I’m pissed off, on a mission to stop the sinners
I pray to Jesus that they leave us whenever they see us
No matter the race mehn, we should be our brother’s keeper
Unlike Cain, don’t be your brother’s killer

Where did we go wrong?
How did we get here?
It’s been on for so long
I’m starting to get scared

‘Cause I can’t breathe (4x)

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