#ProblemsTheEP: The Mic

Problems by Uviboy and Rukky

“The Mic” is track 5 on #ProblemsTheEP by me and Uviboy. This song reflects on some of the problems in Nigeria, from corruption and poor electricity, to an unstable economy that has led to rising poverty, inflation, and unemployment.

For a bit of context, the title of the song is a reference to the Nigerian slang, “off your mic”, which means stop talking. It literally means turn off your mic.

But the song tells us not to “off” our mics, but to keep talking and speaking out against injustice and oppression. It is a call to action.

The song also has a wider significance in the context of the EP, which talks about other injustices such as police brutality in the USA and Nigeria, as well as sexual and gender-based violence.

I hope that this song inspires us to unite, speak out against injustice, and fight for our rights regardless of tribal, religious, or other differences.

Problems the EP tracklist

You can listen to “The Mic” below or on Audiomack.

Go to fanlink.to/ProblemsTheEP to listen on other music platforms. Scroll down to view lyrics.


We must fight
For our right
Let’s unite
Don’t off the mic (don’t stop talking about it)

Fight for the right of my people with my mouth
Get my mic and please make the volume loud
I ain’t trying to say we should start a riot
But gone are the days when we sit down and remain quiet

You should see the delight when NEPA bring the light
It’s something we pray for, ogbeni (sir) it’s our right
We give light to other countries that are neighbours
But why we still dey use generator? (why do we still use generators?)

We get oil but we are not refining
I really don’t know what Diezani was designing
Every day, value of naira seems to be declining
Our economy, politicians are whining

We must fight
For our right
Let’s unite
Don’t off the mic (don’t stop talking about it)

Little kids playing around with no shirts
I can see their ribs showing through their flesh
Why? Them never chop (they haven’t eaten), they look like skeletons
Let’s speak up so we can change their elements

Why some of our leaders be acting like locusts?
Them no (they do not) allow us get necessities at low cost
Even when they know a high percentage has no funds
No joy, them no send mehn (they don’t care), no love

We need to sit up and speak up so these leaders can see us
No matter the tribe, work, location or religion
Remember they will never be us so they’ll never take us serious
We need to bombard them with all of our opinions

We must fight
For our right
Let’s unite
Don’t off the mic (don’t stop talking about it)

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