#ProblemsTheEP: Corona

Problems by Uviboy and Rukky

“Corona” is track 1 on #ProblemsTheEP by me and Uviboy. This song reflects on the events surrounding the novel coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) that ravaged the world throughout 2020.

COVID-19 is definitely a major problem that has affected almost everyone either directly or indirectly, so this song is bound to take you on a trip back in time to when the world started this uncomfortable adjustment to the ‘new normal’.

Shout out to my mama for inspiring this song!


Problems the EP tracklist

You can listen to “Corona” below or on Audiomack.

Go to fanlink.to/ProblemsTheEP to listen on other music platforms. Scroll down to view lyrics.


Woke up one morning
Everyone talking ’bout this virus
Didn’t think much of it, just the flu
They said everything’s gonna be okay
This virus called corona

But it wasn’t okay, no
In a few months, everything changed now
This is the new normal
But nothing about it even feels normal, no
This virus called corona

Most days, I’m home now
Locked down, stressed out
Confined, imprisoned in my mind
Masked up, suffocating
Losing my breath, everything feels so crazy
Help me, I need a way out
This virus called corona

Save us from this virus (uh uh)
Save us from this virus (uh uh)
Save us from this virus (uh uh)
This virus called corona

Sitting in my room, thinking in my mind
I cannot wait for coronavirus to go
I’ve been analysing the situation in my head
And I feel it’s time for me to go
Deeper in my mind, searching for good ideas
That I had but I left locked up in my mind
‘Cause even in the midst of the pandemic
We still gotta hustle and think of how to make this bread

You don’t need to panic because of the pandemic
How much will I yarn it before you will understand it?
It will be super if you will be a man and be still
Better get the info because every bar I’m spitting is real

Corona turned me to a loner
A loner when I’m in my zone now
All my plans I had to slow down
But it’s go time as soon as all of this is over

What is this feeling? I cannot explain
I feel like a prisoner, I’m going insane
People are dying, it’s such a shame
Can’t buy survival with money or fame
The world is changing, we gon’ do the same
We’ll come out on top, only by God’s grace

Save us from this virus (uh uh)
Save us from this virus (uh uh)
Save us from this virus (uh uh)
This virus called corona

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