#ProblemsTheEP: Girl Child

Problems by Uviboy and Rukky

“Girl Child” is track 3 on #ProblemsTheEP by me and Uviboy. This song was inspired by the explosion in cases of sexual and gender-based violence in Nigeria around May/June 2020, starting with the case of Uwa who was brutally raped and killed.

Rape is one of the most devastating forms of violence against women and girls. According to the World Health Organization, about 35% of women worldwide (more than 1 in 3 women) have experienced either physical and/or sexual violence. This is an alarming statistic. We all really must do better for women and girls in Nigeria and across the world.

This song calls for us to protect the girl child, who faces multiple vulnerabilities as a girl and as a child, particularly in a developing country. The song states starkly: “no means no”.

To support women and girls at risk in Nigeria, consider making a donation to Hands Off Initiative or WARIF Nigeria.


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You can listen to “Girl Child” below or on Audiomack.

Go to fanlink.to/ProblemsTheEP to listen on other music platforms. Scroll down to view lyrics.


We’ve got to protect the girl child no matter what
They’ve lost so much, we can’t even keep scores
The boy child should be taught how to show respect
To a lady, and this should be done from birth

Stop means stop, you can’t love by force
No means no, let her have your trust
A man who’ll force himself on a woman has no conscience
And justifying the actions of a rapist is nonsense

Women are not objects that can be used for sex
Stop justifying rape by blaming how they dress
Being a woman is hard enough in these times
We need better laws that can put an end to these crimes

Protect every woman in the world and treat her like gold
A man abusing a woman is a story that should never be told
The soul of a man who would do such evil must have been sold
‘Cause that’s cold, no jokes, they should be thrown in a hole

No means no, no, no (4x)
Protect the girl child

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