#ProblemsTheEP: EndSARS

Problems by Uviboy and Rukky

“#EndSARS” is track 4 on #ProblemsTheEP by me and Uviboy. This song was recorded during the #EndSARS protests, which were a reaction against the brutality of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) unit of the Nigeria Police Force.

I won’t dwell too much on the context of the #EndSARS protests because I have already written an extensive three-part series about it on this blog. For more useful resources and to make a donation to support the #EndSARS movement, go to endsars.carrd.co.

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You can listen to “#EndSARS” below or on Audiomack.

Go to fanlink.to/ProblemsTheEP to listen on other music platforms. Scroll down to view lyrics.


Me and the mandem driving around town
Checkpoint ahead, I had to slow down
Closer we got, I saw it wasn’t the po-po
Just a couple of men with guns dressed like hobos

Omo, na SARS (it was SARS) with illegal stop and search
They be searching our bags, they looking for contraband
Even though nothing was found, they still made their demands
We no fit follow them drag, so we still drop bar (we couldn’t argue with them, so we still gave them money)

And they treat us like dogs when they see say we dey floss (when they see that we are living well)
If you dey carry locks, they are very quick to judge
Try to push us to the floor but they the ones with the flaws
And if you talk too much, them go beat you up (they will beat you up)

They’re called Special Anti-Robbery Squad
It’s more like Special Armed Robbery Squad
They try to loot us, if we no gree (if we don’t agree) they start to shoot us
Oh my Jesus, come and save us from these evil ones

Uh uh uh
Eh eh eh
Uh uh uh

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