#ProblemsTheEP Out Now!

Problems by Uviboy and Rukky

I am super excited to announce that after months of work (and a whole lot of setbacks), my brother and I have finally released our EP!

The EP, titled “Problems”, explores some of the many, many problems that we have experienced in 2020 – from the novel coronavirus pandemic (“Corona”) to police brutality in the USA (“I Can’t Breathe”) and Nigeria (“#EndSARS”), as well as cases of sexual and gender-based violence in Nigeria (“Girl Child”).

The EP ends with two songs, “The Mic”, which calls for us to use our voices to fight against injustice, and “No Stain”, which is a song of affirmation about integrity and anti-corruption in our land.

Problems the EP tracklist

With genres spanning RnB, soul, hip hop, trap, and afrobeat, this EP is sure to take you through a range of emotions. I hope that you are able to connect with it in a meaningful way.

You can listen to the EP below or on Audiomack.

Go to fanlink.to/ProblemsTheEP to listen on other music platforms.

Credits for this EP go to Fahy (featured in Track 2), Uviboy (production), Kolaay (mixing and mastering), and Kunsept (mixing and mastering).

Watch the trailer for the EP below or on YouTube:

Find out more about the songs in #ProblemsTheEP and view the lyrics:

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